Programs and events

Photo of people looking at various exhibits in a museum
The MHC's photo and artifact exhibit at the Ayala Museum in 2006

In addition to collecting, researching, publishing, and preserving documents for its library, the Mangyan Heritage Center conducts workshops, festivals, and lectures, and tackles Mangyan-relevant issues and concerns.

The MHC's focus areas are:

  • research library/archive operation and maintenance

  • Mangyan awareness program, including mobile exhibits and lectures throughout the country and cultural festivals in Mindoro

  • research, documentation and publication for Mangyan customary laws, traditional practices and reference material

  • community-based culture and development program, including teaching of Mangyan Script and Ambahan in Mangyan schools, culture-training workshops for Mangyan youth and a scholarship grant 

  • institution building, including orientations and consultations with Mangyan communities, volunteer coordination and networking with allied institutions and individuals.

Please contact us for further information or to include us in your activities.

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