Ambahan: Marriage

Although the courtship period has a varied set of rules and ceremonials, the marriage itself is as simple as possible. After the consent of the parents has been obtained, the unceremonial first sleep of both the spouses together is considered as wedlock itself.

In the ambahan literature, a major part revolves around the perennial theme of married life and all its ramifications. After many years of living together, does the husband still remember his promise that he gave as an ardent lover?

When difficulties arise, the Mangyans try to smooth them out themselves.

Ambahan 210
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 210

If the ties you use at home
Become weak and tend to break,
You should be the one to mend,
The one to restore their strength.

Panali ma'y marupok
Uway iyan na gapok
Ikaw itong susubok
Magtitibay nang lubos!

The following advice is worthwhile to remember!

Ambahan 231
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 231

Even with disharmony
and a quarrel now and then.
No reason to separate.
Try to understand it first!

Kahit may kaguluhan
May tampuha't alitan
Di dapat talikuran
Unawain mo naman!

Parting for a longer period of time is sad for the couple.

Ambahan 234
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 234

My dear fragrant herb, my wife,
it is true, we have to part,
on this day and on this hour.
If united we remain
and our bond is strong and pure,
you and I, far as we are,
it's like holding hands again,
it's like sitting side by side.

Kab'yak kong halimuyak
Kita ma'y magkawalay
Ngayon at lumaon man
Kung buklod ay matibay
Maayos ang samahan
Ikaw nga at ako man
Magkahawak ng kamay
Wari'y nasa kandungan!