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A Hanunuo-Mangyan woman inscribing an ambahan (poem) in the Mangyan syllabic script on a bamboo tube [Source: Antoon Postma]


Expand our library collection by looking for photographs, books, and articles about the Mangyan that may be hidden in libraries around the world. Just visit a nearby library and search for: Mindoro, indigenous peoples, tribal Filipinos, non-Christian tribes, minorities, Mangyan, Alangan, Bangon, Buhid, Hanunuo, Iraya, Ratagnon, Tadayawan, Tau-buhid. If any of these words appear, please contact us with the bibliographical details of the resources you have found.

Think Mangyan when browsing through books, photos, postcards, maps, etc. in antique stores and dusty attics! Other sources would be theses and papers submitted to educational institutions.

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When you purchase any of our products, you help us further our mission by contributing to the sustainability of the MHC. You are also directly supporting the Mangyan handicraft workers who create many of these items.

Help send a Mangyan to school.  We accept donations for scholarship of Mangyan students in all levels (elementary, secondary and tertiary).

Tax-deductible donations (within the Philippines) may be made by contacting us directly or via PayPal:

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Please contact us if you are interested in helping to fund our cultural projects.

Thank you for your support in rejuvenating and promoting the rich and distinct Mangyan cultural heritage!