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The MHC catalogue contains 2,000+ Mangyan-related documents from the 1570s to the present. This includes material from world-reknowned anthropologists who conducted extensive studies on the Mangyans in the 20th century, such as:

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Indigenous Peoples Month, Villorente, Ambrosio R. , 2007-09-30, Volume 11, Issue 299, Aklan, p.1, (2007) Abstract
Mangyans of Mindoro exhibit in town, Madera, Mel B. , 2008-08-14, Volume 10, Mindanao, p.1, (2008) Abstract
Celebrating History, , 2009-11-19, Manila, p.1, (2009) Abstract
Aldaba's one man exhibit unveils, , 1998-05-09, Volume 16, Issue 19, Calapan, p.1, (1998) Abstract
Mangyans of Mindoro going to Aklan, Aguirre, Jun N. , 2007-09-27, Volume 37, Issue 40, Aklan, p.2, (2007) Abstract
Special feature : The Mangyan Heritage Center, , 2001-06-16, Volume 19, Issue 25, Calapan, p.3, (2001) Abstract
ADZU to host Mangyan exhibit, , 2008-02-05, Volume 23, Issue 249, Zamboanga, p.1, (2008) Abstract
The Mangyans of Mindoro: Myth and Meaning, Javellana, Arthur Jason , 2007-08-09, Volume 51, Issue 3, Bacolod, p.1, (2007) Abstract
OPINION: The good news of good deeds, , 2006-01-08, Volume 15, Issue 5, 1, p.1, (2006) Abstract
Ateneo to host Mangyan exhibit, , 2008-02-05, Volume 9, Issue 114, Zamboanga, p.1, (2008) Abstract
Buhay Pamilya, Catapang, Emily L. , 2010-01, Volume 1, Issue 4, Calapan, p.1, (2010) Abstract