Ambahan: Adolescence

The transition from the dependent child into the self-sufficient young man or woman is not marked by initiation ceremonies or induction rites. In some things, children are given independence at an early age. In other things, they continue to act dependently.

Ambahan 27
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 27

Mother carried me around.
Father always at my side.
I, the baby, was still small:
just a little child I was.
Going to the field to work,
Father led me by the hand.
Even speaking simple words
as a babe I did not know.
But now everything has changed.
The small baby has grown up.
Now the baby understands
all the words that Father speaks,
Everything that mother says.
Even when I'm walking far,
when I travel far away
and it becomes dangerous
I'll return immediately.

Kinakalong ni Nanay
Kinakandong ni Tatay
Sadya pang kamusmusan
Tunay akong paslit lang
Hangang sa kaingin man
'Sinasama ni Tatay
Kahit pa utal-utal
Sanggol na walang muwang
Ngunit nang magka-minsan
Lumaki't magkagulang
Akin namang nalaman
Kay Tatay, kawikaan
Kay Nanay, kasabihan
Malayo mang lakaran
Saan man ang abutan
Kung kasam-an ang datnan
Sila lang ang uwian!

Then the day comes when adolescence ends. The parents know now that there is not much hope that the young people will do things the way the parents want them to do. The young man goes his way, and nobody can direct him anymore.

Ambahan 30
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 30

Says the lobster in the creek:
Even if you place a dam,
I will jump it high and neat!

Sabi ng hipong sapa:
Kahit mo man bakuran
May lusot, paraan pa!

The character of the youngster is fixed now. Even if there are traits the parents do not like, these traits can no longer be changed. Wherever he is, the young adult will behave in his accustomed manner and will not change his attitudes because of others.

Ambahan 31
Hanunuo-Mangyan English Filipino
Handwritten version of ambahan 31

Pigeon, with a shortened tail,
even there across the hills,
you won't be a nightingale!

Hoy, ibong Balud-balod
Libanin mo ma'y bundok
Pungos pa rin 'yang buntot!

Handwritten version of ambahan 27
Handwritten version of ambahan 30
Handwritten version of ambahan 31